of tour guiding

Your benefits

Unique experience

Live-Voice & Content Transfer in real time


High sound quality and added value

Easy access

No app download & no registration needed for participants

No internet

Available anytime and anywhere through WIFI

No extra hardware

Participants use their own smartphones and headsets

Cost saving

You save not only money, but also time

The product

Lis10app is designed to make a unique experience of your tour. The app supports the guide's main tool, the voice, reduces noise pollution in the environment where the group is located and brings added value to all participants. All this provided by a new technology that achieves easy access for the visitors and offers cost-effective solutions for freelancers, companies in the tourism industry and cultural institutions.

How does it work


Download the app, choose a plan and personalize your account


Take your router & meet your group, give them the wifi access, generate your QR-code and link them


Speak, lis10app and share!

About us

Lis10app emerged during the breakout of the Covid-19 crisis, reflecting on the challenges for tourism industry and trying to enable live tour guiding in times of face masks and social distancing.

The founding team, Maria and Ricardo created this product to bring more sustainability to the tourism ecosystem, to give more added value through new forms of communication and to make tourism stakeholders more efficient and competitive with offers adapted to visitor’s demand.

Maria Miguel


Ricardo Villagrá